PRE SALE Tennessee Flag Necklace (Large)

PRE SALE Tennessee Flag Necklace (Large)

Nashville and surrounding areas were hit by tornadoes in the early morning of March 3 and we are devastated by the destruction of our community.

100% of profits from the Tennessee Flag Collection will be donated to the Middle Tennessee Emergency Response Fund. Grants from the fund will be made to nonprofits providing vital services both immediate and long term.

If you would like to donate directly click here.

The Tennessee flag has three stars to represent the three divisions of Tennessee (West, Middle, and East) and the surrounding circle represents the unity of the three. After enduring lots of pain here in Middle Tennessee we can definitely feel the unity of those around us.


* PRE SALE ONLY * Please allow up to 3 weeks for the completion of your necklace. Due to COVID-19 production timeline may vary. 

-20 inch sterling silver chain.

-The necklace is a representation of the Tennessee flag etched in birch wood and set in sterling silver. Each piece of wood is hand finished and will be unique.

-Pendant measures about 1 inch across.

$ 75.00