Tennessee Cuff Bracelet

Tennessee Cuff Bracelet

Show your Tennessee pride with the Tennessee Cuff Bracelet. The cuff bracelet is hand stamped brass with your choice of designs; Nashville, Tri Star on the end, or in the middle.

The 'Tri Star' is on the Tennessee state flag and represents each region of Tennessee; east, middle, and west. 

Brass will change color and darken with wear over time but can be cleaned to make it shiny and like new!


-In stock and ready to ship.

-Hand stamped brass.

-Bracelet measures 5 1/2 inches long with a 1 1/2 inch opening.

-Bracelet is adjustable.

-Nashville: Has 'Nashville' stamped in the middle of the bracelet with three stars on the end.

-Tri Star Middle: Three stars stamped in the middle of the bracelet

-Tri Star End: Three Stars stamped on the end of the bracelet.  

$ 25.00