10 Inexpensive Ways to Celebrate Your Small Victories

As a small business owner I know the importance of celebrating your accomplishments. I set so many goals sometimes it's hard to sit down and celebrate without just moving on to the next thing. I also have a hard time spending money on myself, I'd rather just put it back into the business to work toward the next goal on my list. But who says you have to spend lots of money to celebrate? Here are some inexpensive ways I try to celebrate my accomplishments: 
  1. Relax- Whatever that means to you; read a book, take a bubble bath, spend an evening binging your favorite tv show while drinking a glass of wine. Do something you usually tell yourself you don't have enough time to indulge in.
  2. Buy yourself flowers- I love doing this, it makes me feel pampered and the house looks dressed up! Pick up a bouquet at your local grocery store.
  3. Plan a date with your favorite people- Who is your biggest cheerleader? Who makes you feel uplifted and encouraged? Make a date to meet them for coffee or dinner to share the excitement in your accomplishment.
  4. Write it down- My husband and I keep a pretty jar to fill with our favorite memories throughout the year. I drop in ticket stubs or I write down the event and date on a slip of paper and put it in the jar. It's fun to look back on at the end of the year.
  5. Put on your favorite outfit- What makes you feel fabulous? Take a little extra time getting ready in the morning; put on your favorite dress, curl you hair, spend some extra time on your makeup. 
  6. Treat yourself- It can be as extravagant or inexpensive as your budget allows. Treat yourself to a manicure or buy yourself a new nail polish to paint your nails at home.
  7. Break out the fancy stuff- We all have something at home we're saving for special occasions, but have you actually used it? Break out that fancy china, jewelry, or in my house it's the fancy coffee.
  8. Pay it forward- Spread your good cheer by doing something nice for someone else. Mail a friend a thoughtful note, bring coffee to a coworker, or send money to one of your favorite charities.
  9. Go for a walk- Turn off your phone and go walk around your city or explore a new park. Take a little time to breathe some fresh air and think about what you did to accomplish your goal. You might even get some inspiration for your next big goal.
  10. Do something fun- I realize this is super obvious but we all have fun things on our wish list that we put off because we're too busy. Go do it! Go to the pool, the new museum exhibit, do something fun that you've been wanting to do!

What are your favorite ways to celebrate your accomplishments? Let me know in the comments!

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