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Valentine's Day Gift Ideas

January 26, 2022 Paige Barbee

Shop gifts for your Valentine, Galentine, or treat yourself!

How to Clean Your Paige Jewelry

January 25, 2022 Paige Barbee

How to clean your Paige Barbee Jewelry using our Jewelry Care Kit.

Step 1: Polish jewelry with a polishing cloth.

Step 2: Add a few drops of mild detergent to cup.

Step 3: Add warm water.

Step 4: Add jewelry and let soak.

Step 5: Remove jewelry and gently brush with toothbrush to remove grime.

Step 6: Rinse (don't forget to plug your sink).

Step 7: Pat dry and show off your shiny jewelry!

Your Heirloom Collection Printable

January 19, 2022 Paige Barbee

With the new year comes cleaning, organizing, and trying to just get your life in order. Don't forget about your jewelry when doing this, it needs some care also! I love that so many pieces in my jewelry box have special stories to me; my engagement ring that was my grandmothers, my wedding band hand made by a friend using diamonds my mom gave me, bracelets my husband gifted me for my birthday, and so many other special pieces. It's always a good idea for insurance purposes to keep details about your jewelry, but what about preserving these stories for your...

Butterfly Charm

February 17, 2021 Paige Barbee

Butterflies are beautiful creatures that hold so many meanings such as growth, transformation, and hope. The Butterfly Charm was created to be a reminder of whatever meaning you hold dear.

Sunflower Collection Release

October 09, 2019 Paige Barbee

The newest flower in the Paige Barbee Jewelry garden is the sunflower! Sunflowers remind me of the time between summer and fall when the days begin to get cooler and shorter, and the trees begin turning different beautiful shades of orange.