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I've been working on lots of new custom pieces lately. I love working with people to make their ideas come to life! Here are the custom pieces I finished up this month. 



 This set is made of sterling silver, the ring has a malachite stone and the necklace has a 

turquoise stone. Here are some photos of the process of making the ring and necklace. If the 

pieces aren't super top secret I share progress and behind the scenes photos on instagram 

(@paigebarbeejewelry) and facebook you should totally follow along!

For these pieces, my friend saw the piece of turquoise on one of my Facebook photos and loved the shade of green. I showed her the only other green stone I had which was the malachite and she loved it too. She decided to use the malachite for a ring and turquoise for a necklace.    

She only told me that she didn't want anything too crazy. Haha.

I went from there and me being me couldn't do anything too simple so I added the little accent pieces on the bail of the necklace and on either side of the ring. I thing I might be making matching earrings next.

I've created pieces, like this one where I'm given a few guidelines or I've made pieces where I sketch out a few ideas and we go from there. I love both processes, and it usually depends on what the person has in mind. Would you trust someone to make you a piece of jewelry without knowing what the finished product would look like? 


This pendant was a gift for my mom's birthday, she loves butterflies and jewelry and she tells me she loves the finished piece! I'm pretty lucky that when I have no idea what to get her for a special occasion that I can just make her a piece of jewelry.

This necklace is my new favorite, I want to make one for myself! It is all rose gold filled, the chain is long (30 inches) and the recipient’s nickname was hand stamped on the front and her initials was stamped on the back.   

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