DIY: Ring Box

As much jewelry as I own I actually don’t have a place to keep all my rings. I have one of those ring dishes but it won’t hold all my rings and I don’t like to stack all my rings on top of each other. So I decided to create my own ring box! I was on the hunt for a wooden box to use and found the perfect one at the dollar section in Target and turns out it was actually a sign. The sign was $3 and the perfect size for what I needed. 


 I started by sanding the paint off the sign and painting it white. Then I added a small band of copper colored paint around the top edge. I had some scrap foam from where my mom made me some cushions for the breakfast nook in my kitchen, which I used for the center of the ring box.

 Once your foam is cut to size measure about ½ inch sections (or whatever fits your size foam best).  My wooden box had a 5 ½ x 6 ½ sized opening.

 Cut across the lines you measured but not all the way through. I cut about half way through my foam.


 I added some felt pads to the bottom of my box so it wouldn’t scratch up the furniture.

 Cut three sections of fabric to use to cover the foam, I found it easier than using one piece of fabric.

 Then spray the fabric with spray adhesive. It is easier to just spray the section of fabric you need as you go.

Use a letter opener or ruler to smooth the fabric down into the crevices.

 Once you have glued the fabric to the foam fold the excess around the edges. Mine looks totally messy but I didn’t worry too much since it would be covered.

Let dry and place all your pretty rings in your new ring box! 

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