Handwritten Heritage

When was the last time you wrote something other than a to do list? 

If we're being truthful here, I don't quite remember myself. But recently I've enjoyed reading letters that my Grandfather wrote home during WWII and various childhood memories that he wrote down in a book for us to read. Some of the stories he wrote are funny stories that show what he was like as a boy and what life was like then. I think it's important to document our lives (and not just on Facebook) for future generations to understand what was important to us, what life was like, and to be able to connect those memories with historic events in time.   

Jennifer from Tales Of A Peanut created this beautiful stationary with the same idea. She has a selection of 'packs' such as pregnancy, early parenthood, and college years. Each pack comes with different prompts that help you start writing your letter. If you need extra sheets or want to come up with your own prompts you can get the Blank pack, which is what I am using. You can see them here

 Jennifer says, "Handwritten Heritage is about capturing and preserving your stories. For generations to come, your words, your ideals, and your legacy will be a gift for everyone who reads it."

I loved this idea and am currently writing out some of my own memories.


Each sheet of paper comes with an envelope. I was happily surprised by the quality of paper that they are made with, it feels thick and

To celebrate the launce of Handwritten Heritage Jennifer is hosting an Instagram challenge. The challenges for each day are below if you want to join in. Be sure to sign up for the Handwritten Heritage newsletter here so you get reminders for each days challenge, signing up also enters you into giveaway drawing for a goodie bag of items from the Tales Of A Peanut shop. 

You can follow along on Instagram from July 5-11, I'll be participating in the challenge follow me @paigebarbeejewelry and also follow Jennifer @talesofapeanut 

I can't wait to see your letters!




*I received a pack as a gift and all opinions are my own.

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