Heirloom Collection: Behind the Scenes

I am SO EXCITED to finally have The Heirloom Collection out in the world! It has been almost 2 years in the making. I thought about it for a long time before I actually made anything because I wanted it to be perfect!! I wanted to create pieces that you (and I) wouldn't get tired of, pieces that could stack with jewelry you already love, and most of all I wanted to create pieces that would become a future family heirloom.

The collection launched with a ring, stud earrings, a longer layering pendant, and a shorter everyday necklace. I plan on expanding the collection with more variety over the seasons.


Behind the scenes of creating the new collection:

Sketching and working on CAD renderings.

Finished CAD renderings. Some pieces made it into the initial collection, some did not.

Wax models of the pieces, ready to cast.


Set up to cast.

After casting.

All polished up and finished!

Each piece comes with an Heirloom Card to commemorate your jewelry.

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