Mom Means Business: Jenna Ricciardi of Glitz & GlaMOM

Hi Jenna, I can’t wait to hear your story! Tell us a little about yourself, business, and family.

My name is Jenna Ricciardi, founder of Glitz & GlaMOM. My blog is relatively new but in a short time I already have accomplished more than I ever expected. It is a blog that focuses on all things Glitzy & Glamorous: fashion, beauty, travel, and of course my life as a Mommy! I have two daughters, both toddlers! My husband and I just celebrated our 8th wedding anniversary and we have been together over 12 years! 

At what point in your business did you have children?

My children were both toddlers when I started my blog. I am a SAHM and devote every second to my family so I needed to make sure the timing was right to be able to fully devote myself to this new venture. 

How did that affect the way you run your business?

I do most of my work in the early morning or late night when they are sleeping. I work in the car if they nap, or if they are playing. I do have to stop to answer emails or take calls, but I try to be fully present as a mother first above all else. Finding the balance is hard because blogging can really be a full time job, all depending how much time you can dedicate. 

What is one trait of yours that you hope your children inherit from you?

My drive! I am very ambitious and driven. It has helped me in life and pushes me to follow my dreams or whatever goals our family has in mind. 

Have your children influenced the work you do in any way?

Yes! I plan visits to fun places all the time as a family so when I am planning out our family time, I also incorporate work so that work follows the family. I can do a blog post about a fun event we attended; then my kids are happy and work gets done! 

If your children are older, do they ever help you with your business? 

They are not old enough yet but they are my muses, models, and inspiration every day. 

I know being a mom and an entrepreneur can be a tough job. How do you treat yourself on special occasions? How do you celebrate the small victories?

I do small things for me like getting my hair blown out, fancy pedicures, girls night out or date night! It’s important to take some time for yourself to recharge and pamper yourself! 

What advice would you give to a mom thinking about starting a blog or a business owner about to have children?

I would say being organized is key! You do what you can when you can and don’t put too much pressure on yourself. 

Do you use any tech/apps to keep your life together?

My iCal is my LIFE and my Notes app! Without these two things I truly would be lost! 

Where can we follow your story online?


Facebook: Glitz & GlaMOM




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