My Favorite Podcasts

Like many other creative business owners, I spend most of my days alone creating and managing my business. While my hands are busy creating my mind can grow a little board. I tried watching shows but realized it is a little dangerous to look away while cutting with a jewelers saw or holding a torch. So as the world was getting hooked on Serial, I was getting hooked on podcasts. 
I'll admit my podcast feed probably looks a little crazy. I'm currently planning a wedding so I have some wedding related podcasts. I'm a creative business owner so I have some business and creative podcasts. I enjoy true crime so I have some suspenseful true crime podcasts. There are so many topics out there! 
Here are some of my favorites:
Creative Business:
-Creative Biz Rebellion
-Positively Creative
-The Made True Podcast
-All Up in Your Lady Business
-Being Boss
Story Telling:
-Serial (Season 1)
True Crime:
-My Favorite Murder
-Up and Vanished
-The Vanished Podcast
-Sword and Scale
-Stuff You Should Know
What are some of your favorites? If you aren't already obsessed with podcasts, give one a try!

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