When to Save and When to Splurge on Jewelry

A friend of mine mentioned that she felt guilty for buying 'cheap jewelry' when she had so many talented jeweler friends. I let her in on a secret; I buy cheap jewelry too! 

I love all jewelry! Cheap jewelry, costume jewelry, art jewelry, fine jewelry...ALL.OF.IT! 

I understand that realistically you won't be covered head to toe in jewelry that I made, even I wear other jewelry daily. Here are some questions I ask myself when buying jewelry.


  1. Is it super trendy? If it's something that is super trendy right now and I'm not sure if I'll wear it for years to come I'll save and buy something cheaper. For example I bought a rose gold plated choker with crystals. I loved the style but wasn't sure if I'd be wearing it for years to come. I paid about $15 but the 'real deal' with solid gold and diamonds would cost about $1,000. This way you can try out the trend and if you still love it you wont feel guilty about splurging later on. 
  2. Will I wear it everyday? I have a habit of wearing pieces and never taking them off. I've been wearing the same pinky ring for the past four years and have only taken it off a few times. If it's something I think I'll wear every day I will splurge and make sure that I'm buying jewelry made of materials that will last like sterling silver and gold and avoid materials like gold plated pieces.
  3. What is it made out of? I've noticed that some big name brands (that will remain nameless) create costume jewelry that is WAY more expensive than if you purchased something similar made with precious metals and materials. In this case you are paying for their name and not the longevity of your jewelry. If it's the style I love I ask myself, "Could I purchase something similar in sterling silver for the same price or just a little more?" 
  4. Is it a statement piece? So this one goes either way. I have a jewelry box full of cheap necklaces, rings, and earrings that I love. They are beautiful statement pieces to any outfit and they all came from different chain stores. I also have gorgeous handmade statement pieces purchased from artists in different places that I've lived. These pieces are one of a kind and were splurges. 
  5. Do you love it? If you love it buy it!! In the end if it's something you truly love, who cares, buy it and enjoy wearing it! 

Do you have any 'rules' when it comes to buying jewelry? I'd love to hear!

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  • Robyn A James

    As a musician, I have a “but can you perform in it?” rule. If it’s a super chunky statement piece necklace I pass on it, as I can’t play violin with it on. This means I won’t wear it often OR I’ll have to take it off when I play and hope that I won’t lose it.

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