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Handwritten Heritage

July 05, 2015 Paige Barbee

When was the last time you wrote something other than a to do list? 
If we're being truthful here, I don't quite remember myself. But recently I've enjoyed reading letters that my Grandfather wrote home during WWII and various childhood memories that he wrote down in a book for us to read. Some of the stories he wrote are funny stories that show what he was like as a boy and what life was like then. I think it's important to document our lives (and not just on Facebook) for future generations to understand what was important to us, what life was like, and to be able to connect those memories with historic events in time.

What to Wear: Farmers Market

July 03, 2015 Paige Barbee

One of my favorite things to do (when I actually have the time for it) is to cook. I love picking up local ingredients and finding ways to incorporate them into my favorite recipes. My friend Lindsay has an awesome food blog if you need any inspiration after your farmers market venture!

Every farmers market is different but you always need comfy shoes and a cute tote to put your goodies in. What's your favorite ingredient to buy at the farmers market?

What to Wear: Summer BBQ

July 03, 2015 Paige Barbee

Two of my favorite things are food and just hanging out outside, so when you can eat outside while hanging with friends I'm so there! It's important to keep your outfit simple so you can stay comfortable in the summer heat but make sure to bring a jacket for when it cools down after dark. 

Career Aspirations

June 22, 2015 Paige Barbee

Collaboration with Novel Creature

April 20, 2015 Paige Barbee

This Spring I had the pleasure of meeting up with Marissa of Novel Creature to work with her on a piece for Novel Creature's Spring/Summer 2015 Collection.  Novel Creature is a line of accessories that is made with recycled materials and hand dyed with natural dyes.