Hey Y'all, were offering permanent bracelets in our Nashville store!

Stop by Saturdays 10:30am-4pm or check out our Instagram for and updated schedule.

Chain Options

We offer 14k yellow and rose gold chains. Below are our core chain offerings. Additional chain styles will be available seasonally.


A permeant bracelet is a chain that is welded closed on your wrist. Instead of having a clasp like traditional bracelets, it is closed with a welded jump ring.

We only use solid 14k gold chains.

Basically, however long you want it to! We only use solid gold so you should be able to do all your daily activities and still have a sparkling bracelet.

No, at this time we only offer bracelets. You can shop our handmade necklaces, earrings, and rings in our store, though!

We offer parties in our shop after hours. Email Paige at paige@paigebarbee.com for more information.

Just cut the welded jump ring with sharp scissors.You can have it re welded for a $10 (+ tax) fee.

It does not! The welder will only weld the chain, not your skin.

It gets cleaned when you shower. If you want to shine it up even more, polish with a polishing cloth or use a toothbrush dipped in dawn dish soap and warm water.

Legacy Collection

The Legacy Collection was created for you to have all your special people in one place. 

You select the birthstones that represent people or months that are special in your life. New birthstones can be added as your family grows. 

Each piece comes with an Heirloom Card to commemorate of your special occasion.

Below is a pricing guide, each component is priced separately so you can build a custom design, think of it like an a la carte menu.

Email Paige at paige@paigebarbee.com if you have any questions and to get your Legacy piece started.




Legacy Pendant Large (18mm diameter) $80

Legacy Pendant Small (14mm diameter) $70

16 inch chain + $30

18 inch chain + $35

20 inch chain + $40


Legacy Ring (ring size of your choice) $85


2mm faceted stone

January - Garnet + $5

February - Amethyst + $5

March - Aquamarine + $40

April - Diamond + $80

April (alternate) - White Sapphire + $20

May - Emerald + $20

June - Alexandrine (lab created) + $20

July - Ruby + $25

August - Peridot + $5

September - Sapphire + $15

October - Pink Tourmaline + $25

November - Citrine + $5

December - Tanzanite (lab created) + $5