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Makers Summit

March 12, 2015 Paige Barbee

Makers Collective hosts the Makers Summit in downtown Greenville, SC. After seeing people having an amazing time at Makers Summit the past two years I decided that I needed to go! The Summit is held over two days and is a mix of speakers, one on one meetings with experts, amazing food, crafts, and meeting other inspiring artists/entrepreneurs.

I drove down Wednesday night in order to avoid the 5+ inches of snow we ended up getting here in Tennessee.

Adventures in Greenville, SC

March 05, 2015 Paige Barbee

I had an amazing first time at Makers Summit in March in Greenville, SC.  I arrived a day early to make sure that I missed the 7 inches of snow we were expecting in middle Tennessee (whew, I'm so glad I listened to my parents who suggested it...thanks guys!) I was able to explore a little in downtown Greenville and here's what I saw.

RAW Artist Interview

January 22, 2015 Paige Barbee


Raw Artists Nashville asked me a little bit about my process and inspiration, take a look!

Happy Holidays From PBJ!

November 28, 2014 Paige Barbee

Wishing you a happy holidays! 

Courage Unmasked

October 07, 2014 Paige Barbee

I recently participated in Courage Unmasked, a program that was developed by head and neck cancer survivors to help raise money for head and neck cancer patients in financial need.