Adventures in Greenville, SC

I had an amazing first time at Makers Summit in March in Greenville, SC.  I arrived a day early to make sure that I missed the 7 inches of snow we were expecting in middle Tennessee (whew, I'm so glad I listened to my parents who suggested it...thanks guys!) I was able to explore a little in downtown Greenville and here's what I saw.

  Road trip essentials.

 I love that they had a street named Coffee Street. 

 I loved the rustic look of the Wyche Pavilion downtown.

 And of course I HAD to check out Reedy River Falls because it's such a beautiful and unique park in the middle of downtown. 

I grabbed lunch at Tupelo Honey Cafe. I usually try to just hit up local spots but I have heard great things about them since opening in Knoxville (of course they opened AFTER I moved!) so I had to try it out! I had the Charleston chicken sandwich with cheesy smashed cauliflower and rosemary-peach lemonade. 


 I love all the old painted signs they had on buildings downtown and this new mural. 

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