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Hi Sarah, I can’t wait to hear your story! Tell us a little about yourself, business, and family. 

My name's Sarah, I'm a 30-something mum from the UK. Live on the south coast with my husband and our 7 year old daughter and work as an SEO & Content Manager for a property business. I also have 2 blogs and several freelance social media clients.

At what point in your business did you have children?
I set up my freelance business when my daughter was around 3 and my first blog when she was 4.

How did that affect the way you run your business?
I don't know any different really but all of my work, both blogging and freelance, is either done during the evenings or at the weekend.

What is one trait of yours that you hope your child[ren] inherit from you?
Working hard! I like to be busy and learn new things which is a big part of why I chose to set myself up as a freelancer.

Have your children influenced the work you do in any way?
Having another mouth to feed obviously played a big part in my freelance work, I have been part time since she was born so the exra work made up for the salary that I lost. My first blog is a 'Mummy Blog' and that was totally influenced by her. Being a working mum is hard work and I wanted to share my experiences and learnings with others in the same situation.

If your children are older, do they ever help you with your business?
Not with freelance work but she helps me with my blog by posing for photos or helping to review items.

I know being a mom and an entrepreneur can be a tough job. How do you treat yourself on special occasions? How do you celebrate the small victories?
Most of my money earnt through freelance and my blog goes into our savings funnd, but every so often I will keep some to treat myself! 

What advice would you give to a mom thinking about starting a business/blog or a business owner about to have children?
Think hard about what you want to do and prepare as much as possible before you get started on your business or blog. Good planning and time management is key as you won't have as much time to focus on it as someone without kids.

Do you use any tech/apps to keep your life together?
Trello for online to-do lists is a life saver and I use various apps for my social media work and my blog such as Buffer, Tailwind, Canva.

Where can we follow your story online?
My working mum blog is at and my new blog which is all based around blogging, SEO and social media tips is at



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